OcDoc here, just a quick post to introduce what I’m going to be doing for the next 4 or so weeks. I’ve managed to get myself a work placement at Herts Uni in the Astrophysics department, which will hopefully provide me with lots of interesting insights into postgraduate study and what astrophysics is really like. As a consequence, I’ve decided to keep a weekly diary, to provide you folks with facts and to let me collect my thoughts for when I’m doing my write-up! Everyone’s a winner, eh?

For anyone who’s interested, I got this work placement through the Nuffield Bursary scheme, which means I also get to apply for a Gold CREST award and get £80 a week in expenses! I really recommend everyone to see if they can do it next time it rolls around, as work experience is really valuable these days. Plus, if you find out that real lab work is horrible then you might still have time to change your mind and become a bartender! Mine’s a pint! Chin-chin!

Harry Saban – The Octave Doctor